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Goldhurst Terrace, South Hampstead, NW6
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
SOLD (1189 sq ft) One of the finest two bedroom, two bathroom apartment occupying the entire 1st floor of a delightful Converted House in the heart of South Hampstead. This stunning apartment comprises entrance hall, 20ft Reception/dining room, fantastic fully fitted kitchen/breakfast room, over 20ft master bedroom with new en suite shower, large 2nd bedroom and new family bathroom with under floor heating. Further benefits include private rear section south facing garden which is accessed from the side of the house and off street parking. This section of Goldhurst Terrace is the two way section and has good access to both West Hampstead, Finchley Road & Swiss Cottage. SOLE AGENTS
Bryanston Square, London, W1H
£20 Per Week
studio, 0 bathroom
Cedar Estates are delighted to offer this secure Storage situated in Bryanston Square, Marylebone London W1. The locker is located very close to the West End and is convenient for all local shopping and transport facilities.
Belsize Road, London, NW6
£335 Per Week
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
We are delighted to offer this bright 1 bedroom flat, set on the first floor of a well maintained conversion located only a short walk from the shops and transport links of both Swiss Cottage and West Hampstead.

Tenant Information Guide


 The following information is given for your guidance and contains all relevant requirements expected from prospective tenants should you wish to proceed with renting a property with Cedar Estates.



It is a requirement that we take up references on all adults who are renting/occupying the property through Cedar Estates which we arrange through an online credit reference agency.   Each Tenant will be required to provide one form of photographic identification i.e. passport/driving licence, and proof of residency for the previous three years.

The references normally include:

  • A full credit search
  • An employer’s reference, confirming salary
  • A previous Landlord/Managing Agent reference


Please be aware that in order to pass our referencing criteria ideally you should be in permanent employment with an annual income in excess of 30 x the monthly rental.  For example, on a property rental of £1,000 per calendar month you would require an annual income of £30,000 (30 x £1,000 = £30,000).


Should your particular circumstances differ from the above, please discuss the situation with a member of staff at Cedar Estates where solutions can often be proposed.  Reference forms for completion will be forwarded to you by email.  We ask that you complete the forms directly online within 24 hours providing any additional information requested.  Should a problem occur with the application then we will notify you and a guarantor maybe required.  Please note that if you have any adverse credit this is likely to affect your ability to pass the referencing process and it is therefore important you disclose this information to us as early as possible.

If an application is declined by our referencing company, either with or without a guarantor, then the property will be put back onto the market for re-letting.  


There will be a set up fee of £199.00 including VAT for each applicant (over the age of 18) who wishes to rent/occupy a property through our agency.  This fee covers reference/credit check costs, processing the application, associated paperwork and any additional referencing


Should it be necessary to take up a guarantor reference or credit check in respect of your application(s) a further fee of £30.00 including VAT will be required.  These charges are non-refundable.


The equivalent of two weeks’ rent will be held by Cedar Estates until the commencement of the Tenancy; this fee is non-refundable in the event that the applicant(s) do not proceed with the Tenancy or unsatisfactory references responses are obtained.  When the Tenancy proceeds the reservation fee will be offset against the check-in monies due to be paid in cleared funds. Should you offer be rejected by the Landlord, any monies paid will become fully refundable (less any applicable bank charges) once we are in receipt of cleared funds.



Subject to contract, once all relevant references have been approved, arrangements will be made for you to meet at our offices at 251 West End Lane, London, NW6 1XN to sign the Tenancy Agreement and other relevant documents prior to your move-in date.  You may also be asked to sign the Tenancy Agreement and other relevant documents electronically.



  • First Rent Instalment – less Reservation Fee
  • Damage Deposit – usually equivalent to 6 weeks’ rent
  • Administration fee(s)
  • Inventory and Check-in cost


Our bank details are as follows:

Barclays Bank

Sort Code:                       20-71-64

Account Number:            33283402

Name of Account:           Cedar Lettings Ltd Client Account

Reference:                       please use the PROPERTY ADDRESS for reference purposes

Please be aware that we can only accept cleared funds by prior bank transfer.  



An Inventory is prepared prior to the start of the Tenancy.  It is in your best interests to check the document at the start of the Tenancy.  Any damage not shown on the Check-in Inventory at the start of the Tenancy will be your responsibility at the end of the Tenancy.  The Tenant will pay for the Inventory Make and Check-in; the Landlord will pay for the Check-out.  Should you withdraw from proceeding with the Tenancy you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of £60.00 which will be charged to you unless at least 24 hours’ notice to postpone or cancel the appointment has been given by you and acknowledged in writing by Cedar Estates.


Inventory and Check-in costs are as follows:


Studio                 £186.00 including VAT

1 bedroom          £204.00 including VAT

2 bedroom          £216.00 including VAT

3 bedroom          £264.00 including VAT

4 bedroom          £288.00 including VAT

5 bedroom          £336.00 including VAT

6 bedroom          £360.00 including VAT


Each additional room will be charged at £20 including VAT and each additional bathroom will be charged at £15 including VAT.


At the end of the Tenancy the Landlord is liable for the cost of the Inventory Check-out.  The Check-out at the end of the Tenancy is to check that the property is left by you in as good a condition as when you moved in and, if not, to note the items that have been damaged and assess any compensation payable to the Landlord.  You will have to pay compensation to the Landlord for the damage.  This sum will be deductible from the Deposit with the written consent of both parties.



All Tenancies are subject to satisfactory references and subject to contract.  Please be aware that if the move-in date has to be changed at your request, or as a result of the move-in monies not having been received in good time, that an administration charge of £60.00 including VAT will be levied in order for us to amend the legal documentation and appointments accordingly.  If the Landlord, at his discretion, does not agree to your proposed change of move-in date he reserves the right to re-market the property and neither your Reservation Fee nor Reference Fee will be refundable.



Prior to the end of the Tenancy, provided you are not in breach of the Tenancy Agreement, we will approach the Landlord asking if they wish to renew the Tenancy.  Once we receive the instructions that the Landlord wishes to renew then we will approach you to find out if you wish to remain in the property.  You will be informed in writing of the terms required by the Landlord.  You will need to make a firm decision in good time so that any new Tenancy or Renewal Agreement can be prepared and signed by both parties prior to the renewal date.  Should either party not wish to extend the Tenancy then a Notice may be served upon you at least two months before the end of your Tenancy advising you of the date that you will be due to leave the property.  If you do not comply with the Notice then possession proceedings will be taken against you.  You will be liable for all legal costs incurred.  You cannot give notice to end your Tenancy during the fixed term, apart from using the break clause included in the Tenancy Agreement (if applicable).  Should you choose to leave the property early your obligations remain until the Tenancy ends.


Should tenants extend, renew or hold over the Tenancy then an Administration Fee of £199.00 including VAT per person will be payable to Cedar Estates on each subsequent renewal.



If Cedar Estates manages or collects rent on the property then the rental should be paid directly from your bank to our bank account in the form of a standing order every month, four days in advance of the rent due date (a standing order mandate is available from our office).  Cedar Estates has no control over the monthly standing order payments as this is under your instruction.



The Landlord will be responsible for insuring the building(s) and the contents belonging to the Landlord.  We strongly recommend that you have a suitable insurance policy to cover what you take into the property and also have accidental damage cover to pay for any damage that you may cause to the Landlord’s possessions.  From our experience this can help to avoid conflict between you and the Landlord during and at the end of the Tenancy.


As you are responsible for you own contents in the property under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement we recommend that you purchase contents insurance.  We recommend using MARAS who provide a unique range of insurance and services to Tenants.  Tenant’s contents insurance can be purchased from MARAS from as little as £65.00 per annum.  MARAS contents insurance policies can cover household goods and personal property within the home from £2,500 up to a value of £30,000.


Please call on 0845 5005 222 or visit if you are interested or you require further information regarding contents insurance and quote agent code 4499.


Where we provide a full management service to the Landlord it is our obligation to visit the property once a year.  In accordance with your Tenancy Agreement, Cedar Estates will give prior notice of our intention to visit the property to carry out a written inspection report.  This will be done by email notification only so we would be grateful if you could advise us if your email address changes.  Whilst it is preferred, you do not need to attend.  Our management team will carry keys to your property which will be used to gain access if you are not present and have given consent for them to be used.  The primary purpose of these visits is to keep us aware of any minor repairs and maintenance that may be necessary.


If we do not hold the keys and you fail to keep a pre-arranged appointment without giving 24 hours’ prior notice to cancel or postpone in writing then you may incur an Administration Charge of £54.00 including VAT to cover our costs for the abortive visit.



One set of keys will be provided for each tenant.  At the end of the Tenancy you must hand all keys back to the agent or the Landlord.  If any keys are not returned then you may be charged for replacing locks and/or keys.



If the Landlord’s normal place of residence is not in the UK for a period of more than six months in any tax year and if you are paying rent direct to the landlord you may have a liability for deducting tax from the rent and forwarding these monies to the Inland Revenue on a quarterly basis.  Further information can be obtained from their website ( or from your local Inland Revenue Enquiry Office.



Please note that it is not part of our normal function to forward on mail received at the property by the Post Office.



We are confident that you will be happy with our service.  If you are dissatisfied in any way please advise us immediately.  If the complaint is not rectified to your satisfaction please put this in writing addressed to Alex Croft at 



If the Tenants are sharers then each individual Tenant forming the Tenancy renting the property will be responsible for all the rent and any costs incurred for any breach of the Tenancy Agreement.  If a party wishes to vacate then that person will remain liable for all obligations of the Tenancy Agreement until the Agreement ends.  The remaining party/parties will also be responsible for full payment of the rent and any other obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.  At no time can a person be moved into the property without written prior consent, references being sought and a new Tenancy Agreement being signed.


Should a sharer wish to replace themselves with another party then there will be a fee of £199.00 for each change.  This fee covers reference/credit check of the new party.  


Please note that each change in sharer is subject to contract and references.


Unless written in your Tenancy Agreement you will have to pay for water (including sewerage) and environmental charges, council tax, gas, telephone and electricity.  If Cedar Estates is managing the property we will inform all of these services regarding the occupation, however telephone and TV licence will be your own responsibility.  If Cedar Estates is not managing the property informing all utility suppliers will be your own responsibility.  Failure to do so may mean that a utility supply is disconnected or you could be prosecuted for non-payment of council tax.



It is your responsibility to promptly report any repairs or maintenance that may be required to the managing agent or Landlord direct if he/she manages the property.  If the Landlord is managing the property you will be given contact details at the start of the Tenancy.  You should not, except in an emergency, instruct any contractor to carry out any works to the property.  If you do so without prior approval from the Landlord or the managing agent then you may have to pay the contractor’s invoice yourself; the amount may not be repayable to you by the Landlord nor be deductible from future rent payments.


If Cedar Estates is managing the property, repairs must be reported in writing to



If your circumstances change during the Tenancy and/or you start to receive housing benefit, you must inform your Landlord or Cedar Estates of this immediately.



Prior to the end of the Tenancy you must prepare the property.  By the last day of your Tenancy you must have removed all your belongings from the property, leave the garden (if applicable) in a good condition with the borders weeded and the grass cut and clean the property.  You cannot go back to the property after the end of the Tenancy to carry out any cleaning or gardening.  If the property is not left clean or the garden is untidy then you may be charged for carrying out these works – this money will be deducted from the Deposit.



We can provide you with contact details of an experienced team of cleaning contractors who can undertake all aspects of property cleaning.  Please advise us if you require estimates for cleaning during any time throughout the Tenancy.



Provided the property is handed back to our agency as outlined in your Tenancy Agreement and to the satisfaction of the Landlord, the Security Deposit will be returned to you within a practical period.  However, we reserve the right to hold back any monies required to return the property to a satisfactory condition.

Fees to Tenants are as follows: 

Set up fee (Tenant’s share) £199 including VAT per Tenant
Referencing: (identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers / Landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the Tenancy and Agreement. Should the Tenancy Agreement need to amended due to monies not being received on time an administration fee of £60 will become payable due to the Tenancy start date and Tenancy Agreement needing to be amended.

Additional Tenant Fee £199.00 including VAT per Tenant
Processing the application, associated paperwork and referencing

Guarantor Fee £30.00 including VAT per guarantor (if required)
Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement

Permitted Occupier Fee £0.00 including VAT  per permitted occupier
Explaining to any permitted occupier their rights and responsibilities towards the named tenant(s) and landlord as well as the provision of documentary guidance and assistance during the tenancy

Accompanied Inventory & Check-in Fee Studio £186.00 including VAT, 1 bed £204.00 including VAT, 2 bed £216.00 including VAT, 3 bed £264.00 including VAT, 4 bed £288.00 including VAT, 5 bed £336.00 including VAT.  Preparing an Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, explaining how appliances function and taking meter readings for utilities and services. Inventory Cancellation fee of £60 including VAT unless at least 24 hours notice is given.

Amendment Fee £199.00 including VAT 
Contract negotiation, amending terms and updating your tenancy agreement during your Tenancy. 

Renewal Fee (tenant’s share) £199.00 including VAT
Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement

Check out Fee (tenant’s share) £0.00 including VAT
Attending the property to undertake an updated Schedule of Condition based on the original inventory and negotiating the repayment of the security deposit(s)

Future Landlord Reference Fee £50.00 including VAT per reference request
Collating information and preparing a reference for a future Landlord or Letting Agent

Lost Security Items £90.00  including VAT plus item cost
Obtaining necessary permissions, sourcing providers and travel costs

Out of Hours Services £90.00 including VAT per hour plus any actual costs incurred
Where actions of the Tenant results in the Agent (or nominated contractor) attending the property, time to remedy the situation is charged at the hourly rate

Unpaid Rent / Returned Payments Interest at 3% including VAT above Bank of England Base Rate from date due 

Professional Cleaning (if required) Studio flat £138 including VAT, 1 bed £174 including VAT, 2 bed £228 including VAT, 3 bed £276 including VAT, 4 bed £348 including VAT , 5 bed £468 including VAT, 6 bed £576 including VAT which will be deducted from the Security Deposit. 

Extra rooms within a property will be charged accordingly:

Each additional bathroom – £20 including VAT

Each additional room – £45 including VAT

Guest WC – £10 including VAT

Carpet cleaning charged at £45 per room including VAT

Hallway and stairwells charged at £25 including VAT

Full oven cleaning charged at £20 including VAT

Full cleaning of fridge freezer charged at £20  including VAT

We reserve the right to add additional costs if properties are excessively dirty, have large rooms or rooms which are excessively overstocked with furniture or crockery / utensils etc.



Cedar Estates are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) redress scheme demonstrates commitment to Professional Standards. Please click HERE to see the scheme's website.



Great service throughout!
byNora K (Tenant) 03/12/2018
Prompt and Thorough Service
byDan (Tenant) 28/11/2018
Professional, thoughtful service
byChris C (Landlord) 30/04/2018


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