The top 10 features that drive rental enquiries

9 months ago
The top 10 features that drive rental enquiries

What are today’s tenants looking for when they search available rental properties? This was the question Rightmove set out to answer when it examined more than 600,000 property listings. The portal tallied the number of enquiries a listing generated in relation to the property features that were mentioned in the description.


The result? It’s clear that renters are looking for two main things: aspects that will result in lower energy bills and somewhere to store their stuff.


The feature that led to the highest number of enquiries from tenants was double glazing. While this may seem like a strange feature to claim the number one spot, it appears renters are on a sensible track.


According to the Energy Saving Trust, a home heated by gas central heating with A-rated glazing installed will result in energy bills that are £195 a year less, when compared to a home with single glazing. Upgrade the A-rated glazing to A++, and the annual saving jumps to £235. As well as the financial benefit, there is an environmental saving too, with up to 405kg of carbon dioxide saved when double glazing is in place.


Taking the second spot was smart tech, which includes smart heating systems. It appears renters have taken heed of the news that by turning their heating down by just one degree, they can save up to 10% on their heating bill.Smart tech, such as a Hive or Nest smart thermostat and smart thermostatic radiator valves, make temperature management as easy as pressing a button, hence its appeal.


Also making the top ten of most in-demand features was a new boiler. As well as a new A+ grade condensing boiler saving up to an estimated 30% on energy bills, tenants are reassured by the reliability of a new model, and the decreased chance they’ll be left with no heating or hot water during the colder months.


Rightmove also found the term ‘energy efficient’ was also excellent at producing enquiries. This could refer to a property’s EPC rating, its level of insulation or its water consumption. Although it is clear tenants want to reduce their energy consumption by renting a property with eco efficient features, there is one thing they want more of and that’s space.


Four of the most in-demand features relate to housing personal possessions. The feature that drew the most enquiries was a parking space, taking the fourth spot in the top ten. Also finding favour was a basement, a shed and an attic, illustrating that tenants don’t always want to travel light and have stuff to store.


Two other traditional features were also shown to attract enquiries. These were being close to a station and having open plan living. Rightmove hopes its analysis will influence what features landlords choose to highlight.


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